Russian pumps LLC was established in 2008 as an Engineering Center, the primery production has been launched in 2012, casting - in 2013 with the testing stand. 


Russian pumps LLC is a russian producer of pumping equipment. The company is uniting the labour, knowledge and competence of highly professional, talented engineers supplying pump engineering solutions to the oil & gas, chemical, metallurgical, atomic, thermal & ship power engineering and other industries.


The company supplies the following services: engineering, production and service of pump equipment, including the staff education during the whole life cycle of equipment exploitation.


Benefits to work with Russian pumps company:


  • Employees have solid experience and knowledge derived in the frames of work with the foreign enterprises;
  • Innovative solutions in technology of production, based on lean principles;
  • High level of services with rational value.


Tasks to solve:


  • Necessity of introduction of maximum practically feasible equipment in compliance with international standards which analogues produce countries of Europe, USA and Canada at high prices
  • New pumps / Special pumps - necessity of purchase
  • Old pumps which need to be changed
  • Old pumps which need to be modernized
  • Service of pump equipment


You get guaranteed:


  • 100% Quality product
  • Optimal price
  • Short delivery terms




The quality of engineering, production, testing, renewal and service of pump units, pump equipment and pump objects are in congruence with ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008) requirements and verified by the Certificate № ST.RU.0001.M0001015.