Rotor casting manufacturing from alloy Бр08Ц4


The work was made according to LBM survey with usage of vacuum oven for nonferrous alloy. Melt casting was made into ceramic mold derived by quick prototyping technique.

General stages of work:

– Analysis of initial design documentation (model) provided by the customer;

– Calculation of allowances and creation of geometrical linear model by initial design model;

– Selection of method and cast technology development;

– Preliminary calculation of the gate-supply system;

– Creation of the design model and execution of final-element design hydrodynamics fill-out, thermal processes of hardening and crystallization, valuation of defects appearance, casting pattern adjustment with gate-supply system according to the derived design results;

– Development of melting technology;

– Transfer of 3D model to NC machine for manufacturing of casting pattern by quick prototyping technique;

– Preparation of casting pattern, gate-supply system soldering on;

– Growth of ceramic crust in machine-cyclone;

– Model melting, ceramic form casting in furnace;

– Melting, ceramic form casting;

– Shaking-out, chipping.

According to the results of chemical analysis of the alloy – material fits the required type - Бр08Ц4.

The form and quality of the surface of impeller turbine setting is corresponding with the required parameters on the design, do not have any defects, surface of the turbine setting has low roughness and accurate description of impeller given geometry.

In the work were used the elements of through designing of casting form with usage of provided initial designed 3D model.